July 31, 2023

Men, Make a Commitment to Your Health

Guys, did you know that you have a higher risk than women for Parkinson’s disease, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, aortic aneurysm, and kidney stones? Yet studies show that men are half as likely as women to get preventive health screenings that can detect health issues early—which can mean the difference between life and death.

Get Recommended Preventive Screenings

It’s not difficult to do. A yearly checkup will ensure you get the six basic tests that can help you maintain your good health now and reduce future health risks:

  • Blood pressure: Get screened every year.
  • Cholesterol: Get checked starting at age 20, then regularly beginning around age 35.
  • Diabetes: Begin screening at age 45, earlier if you are at a higher risk.
  • Skin cancer: Get regular screenings and have anything suspicious examined right away.
  • Prostate screenings: Begin at age 50, earlier if you are at a higher risk.
  • Colon cancer screenings: Begin at age 45, earlier if you are at a higher risk.

Simply schedule an annual checkup and your doctor will make sure you get the preventive care that is right for you. ACA-recommended in-network preventive care is covered by the Health Plan at 100% for active employees.

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