Life Events

Changing Your Dependents

It’s important to add or remove your dependents whenever you have a significant change. To change your dependents, complete and submit an Enrollment Form to the Trust Administrative Office.

Newly Acquired Dependents

Active employees may enroll new dependents who meet the eligible dependent qualifications. (Note: Retirees may not add dependents after enrollment in a Retiree Plan.)

  • New Spouse. If you marry while you are enrolled under the Plan, your spouse and his or her children become eligible for coverage on the date of the marriage. You must provide a copy of your marriage certificate at the time of enrollment. 
  • Newborn Children. Your or your enrolled dependent’s newborn child will be covered for 31 days after he or she is born. To continue the newborn’s coverage beyond 31 days, you must enroll the child within 60 days of birth, listing the child as a dependent. You may be required to verify eligibility at the time of enrollment.
  • Adopted Children. A child placed with you for adoption will be covered for 31 days. To continue the adopted child’s coverage beyond 31 days, you must enroll the child as your dependent within 60 days of placement. You must provide proof of placement at the time of enrollment. 

You may also enroll (within 60 days of the event) eligible dependents who: 

  • Lose coverage under another plan (for example, a spouse’s plan through his or her employer).
  • Lose eligibility for coverage under Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
  • Become eligible for premium assistance under the Plan pursuant to Medicaid or CHIP. 

Dependents Who are No Longer Eligible

It is your responsibility to notify the Trust Administrative Office when a dependent is no longer eligible for coverage. Report changes within 60 days of the event:

  • You divorce
  • Your dependent child's status changes, for example:
    » Your child exceeds the age limit for eligibility
    » You no longer have stepchildren after a divorce
  • Your spouse or dependent child dies

You may be responsible for any charges incurred by enrolled dependents after their eligibility ends.

Your spouse and/or dependents may qualify to continue self-pay coverage through COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act).