Income Security Benefits

Your AD&D Insurance Benefits

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance gives your family financial security by helping to cover the loss of your income following an accident or injury. 

  • If you are enrolled in the Active Employee Plan, you are automatically enrolled in the AD&D Insurance Plan.
  • Retirees are not eligible to participate in this AD&D Insurance Plan.

AD&D insurance pays benefits if you die or suffer dismemberment or loss of sight due to an accident.

  • The loss must be the direct result of an accidental bodily injury, independent of all other causes, and must occur within 365 days of the date of the injury.

AD&D insurance is in addition to life insurance. The AD&D benefit will be paid in addition to the life insurance benefit in the event you die due to accidental causes. 

Coverage begins on the date of enrollment and ends when you are no longer eligible for the Active Employee Plan. This benefit is administered by the LifeMap Assurance Company.

Coverage Amounts

For loss of
AD&D benefit
Both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes
One hand and one foot
One hand and sight of one eye
One foot and sight of one eye
Sight of one eye
One hand or one foot
Maximum payable for all losses sustained in one accident

This is an overview of benefits. For details, please refer to the Active Employee Plan Summary Plan Description.


You choose who your benefit will be dispersed to in the event that you die while covered.

  • Download the “Beneficiary Designation Form” at Submit the completed form to LifeMap.
  • You may change your beneficiary at any time by submitting another form.

If you survive an accident but lose sight or a limb, the benefit will be paid to you.


Benefits will not be paid for any loss that results directly or indirectly from: 

  • Self-destruction, or attempted self-destruction.
  • Declared or undeclared war.
  • Service in the military forces of any country.
  • Voluntary use of any controlled substance other than prescription medications which are used as prescribed.
  • Bodily or mental infirmity or disease of any form, sunstroke, food poisoning or bacterial infection other than infections occurring in consequence of bodily injury, solely as a result of external, violent or accidental means.


In the event of an accidental death, the “Life Insurance Benefit Claim Form“ may be obtained at Submit the completed form, along with any additional required information to LifeMap.

You may obtain an “Accidental Dismemberment Claim Form” at Submit the completed form, along with any investigative reports to LifeMap.

If your claim is denied, you may request an appeal of the claim. Submit a written request to LifeMap for a review within 60 days of the date the claim was denied.

For more information and/or assistance, please contact LifeMap.