Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) are provided for your convenience.

This website provides an overview of benefits for Active Employees and non-Medicare Retirees. We encourage you to refer to the official Plan documents for details. If there is a conflict between the benefits or information described on this website and the information contained in the official Plan documents, the official Plan documents will govern:

If you are a Medicare-eligible Retiree who is enrolled in the Trust’s fully-insured Plan through Regence, please click here to learn more about your Plan benefits.

Who can I talk to about enrollment or eligibility?
How do I search for an in-network provider?
What is pre-authorization?
Who can I talk to about Life Insurance/AD&D Insurance?
How does “Coordination of Benefits” work?
Can I continue coverage when I am no longer eligible?
Can I appeal a denied claim, eligibility decision or other decision affecting my coverage?