February 2, 2023

Trying to Kick the Habit?

Want to quit smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco in 2023? If you join a quit program, you are more likely to quit for good, compared to people who quit on their own. In addition, you can double or triple your chances of success if you use nicotine replacement therapy (patches or gum) or smoking cessation medications (bupropion or varenicline).

A Quit Program Can Help You Succeed


1 There is no judgement. You’ll work with a quit coach (many are former smokers), who is trained to listen and encourage you with support and helpful tips.

2 You don’t have to be ready to quit to start. A coach can help you decide when it’s a good time for you to quit—and how to do it on your own terms.

3 You’ll create your own quit plan. You’ll set yourself up for success by knowing why you want to quit and create strategies to overcome potential triggers and cravings.

4 You’ll get help to choose the right medication. Plus, get help navigating your Health Plan if prescription medications are appropriate.

5 You’ll become a nonsmoker for life. Learn how to deal with cravings and slip-ups and where to find online tools that can help you stay quit and get ongoing support.


Are you one of the millions of smokers who would like to quit and have tried to stop before? This time you CAN quit for good and become a nonsmoker for the rest of your life.

Quit For Life® has helped millions of people get started— and stay tobacco free! When you stop, you can:

• Improve your health immediately

• Reduce your risk for serious diseases

• Stop causing deadly secondhand smoke

To get started, call (866) QUIT-4-LIFE (866) 784-8454 or go to quitnow.net (type Bledsoe Health Trust for employer). The Trust provides Quit For Life® on Rally Coach™ at no cost to you and your enrolled dependents age 18 and older.

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