January 1, 2024

Your Benefit Questions Answered

Information about your Bledsoe Health Trust benefits—and how you can make the most of them— is now available to you online at bledsoehealthtrust.org.

When you go to bledsoehealthtrust.org, you’ll quickly find answers to benefit-related questions that Bledsoe Health Trust members ask most:

How do I find an in-network provider?

Click on Find a Doctor in the Quick Links at the bottom of Home page.

What might I have to pay when I get care?

Click on Health Benefits at the top of the Home page, then Your Medical and Behavioral Health Benefits to learn about the Plan’s deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum. Plus, learn how you can save money when you use in-network providers (see Payment Example).

How do I add a new dependent, such as a new baby or spouse?

Click on Life Events at the top of the Home page to learn about enrolling newly-acquired dependents or what to do if a dependent is no longer eligible.

I’d like to talk to someone about my eligibility/enrollment/ medical claim/prescription claim/ life insurance/weekly income benefits.

You can find contact information for all of the Plan’s carriers when you click on Key Contacts at the top of the Home page.

What are the additional programs that are available at no cost to me?

Learn about programs such as the Livongo Diabetes Management Program, Hinge Health Digital Physical Therapy Program, Tobacco Cessation Program and more by clicking on Health Benefits, then Medical and Behavioral Benefits, then Medical Plan Additional Programs.

If you still have questions, the Trust Administrative Office is always available to help. Just click Member Support for information about how you may contact them by phone, online, or through the app.

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